12 Jan

Shuga from Jamaica for Gege Vibes

Shuga, already known as Sugar Brown, is a reggae singer from Jamaica. She won the famous jamaican talent-show Digicel Rising Stars in 2009 and from that moment her life totally changed. For a lot of time she opened the concerts of Tanya Stephens (her mentor) all over the world : from Europe to Africa. Now Shuga is loved from the whole reggae scene because of her intense and newrootz voice. Gege Vibes interwieved her for you.

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03 Dec

Shuga interviewed @ IRIEMAG

Shuga was featured on the cover of IRIEMAG’s december issue.

Misty Campbell is a Jamaican international recording artist and winner of the competitive national TV program, Jamaica Digicel Rising Stars (J.D.R.S – 2009). Best known as ‘Shuga’, the artist adapted her moniker depicting the sweet sugary sound of her vocal ability. Embodying the spirit of a rebel with positive messages, Shuga’s mission is to create music for her fans that is reflective and relatable to real life situations. With her vast talent for singing and songwriting, she continues to grow as an artist and perform amongst the most sought after reggae artists in the world.

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